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Avoid needles with a long-term ED solution.

See why men are breathing easier with this innovative ED solution.
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Most men don’t need a painful injection to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). We’ve got a few reasons you’ll want to cancel your appointment.

  • Nobody likes needles.

    Don’t like the idea of a needle in your junk? The first few shots will help numb you, but the injections will need to go into the base and tip. Just reading that hurts!

  • Unexpected side effects.

    Many men experience bruising for several days after an injection. Plus, your risk for priapism - an unwanted erection (with or without stimulation) that lasts too long - is elevated after an injection. If left untreated, it can lead to permanent ED.

  • Substantial costs.

    Expect to pay at least $1,900 per injection. This procedure isn’t typically covered by insurance either.

  • Long-term risks.

    Many injections are still considered experimental by the medical community. Infections and other complications are common.


Acoustic Wave Therapy is the future of ED treatment.

It’s the perfect alternative to the little blue pill that’s proven to work.

  • No side effects.
  • Easy and fast treatment.
  • Solves the real issue.

Acoustic Wave Therapy uses specialized low-intensity sound waves to break up the microplaque that constrict blood flow. It works by using targeted pulsations to trigger regrowth of blood vessels (angiogenesis). The increased blood flow will bring back full erections faster without any complications.

Until now, Acoustic Wave Therapy was only available at men's health clinics. Now, you can complete this innovative ED treatment in the privacy of your own home with The Phoenix.

Advantages of The Phoenix

The Phoenix brings you this advancement in medical technology to use in your home.

  • Proven to work.

    Acoustic Wave Therapy is backed by over 40 medical studies to prove it actually works.

  • No doctor’s visits.

    Avoid uncomfortable doctor’s visits by completing the treatment at home.

  • It’s easy and fast.

    There’s no pain, and it’s simple to complete a 20-minute treatment. We’ll show you how.

  • It’s affordable..

    You’ll save a ton on ED prescriptions and doctor’s visits. No monthly fee, either!


Ditch the needles and pills.

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    The Phoenix
    • Treats & increases blood flow
    • Do it yourself at home
    • Maintain your privacy
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    ED Injections
    • 4+ injections with needles
    • High cost: $1,900+
    • Experimental

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