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48 Hour Sale! Get $250 + Free Domestic Shipping on The Phoenix for the next 48 hours only before the price increases. Coupon Code: RISEAGAIN

Pay over time with quadpay. Split your Phoenix purchase into 4 interest-free installments over 6 weeks.

48 Hour Sale! Get $250 + Free Domestic Shipping on The Phoenix for the next 48 hours only before the price increases. Coupon Code: RISEAGAIN

Payments are now available via QuadPay. Details

Buy the Phoenix now,
pay later with Sezzle.

Split your Phoenix purchase into 4 interest-free payments, over 6 weeks
with no impact to your credit. Simply select Sezzle at checkout!
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    No Credit
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    4 Interest-Free
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    Pay Over
    6 Weeks

Here’s how Sezzle Works

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    Sign Up with Sezzle

    It’s fast, easy, and approval
    decisions are instant.

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    Buy The Phoenix

    Purchase The Phoenix
    as you normally would.

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    Choose Sezzle

    At checkout, select the
    “Sezzle” payment method.

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    Get Your Phoenix

    Use your Phoenix and
    make payments over 6 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Sezzle uses a “soft check”, which does not affect your credit score, but rather, uses your credit score as part of a risk check.

Our partnership with Sezzle is a relatively new one and we are still learning about it.

One issue which comes up fairly often is when people who appear well qualified do not get approved, even though it seems like they should. We have spoken to Sezzle about this and here is what we have learned so far:

  1. Sezzle does not do a ‘hard’ credit check—instead they do what is called a ‘soft pull’ which gives them an idea of your credit situation but doesn’t count as an inquiry and therefore doesn’t lower your credit score. Sometimes they see things they don’t like. So if you have plenty of money in the bank but a weak credit score, this may be the problem.
  2. Sometimes people submit a credit card rather than a debit card or a bank statement and if there isn’t a lot of credit available on the card, you may not be approved. If you have a bank balance which can cover at least the first payment, submit your bank account to Sezzle instead of the credit card. This may improve your chances of an approval.
  3. Sometimes people are actually approved for a credit limit, but if it is lower than the purchase price of the Phoenix, they will not be approved for the transaction. The only way to find out if this is the case is to contact Sezzle customer service.
  4. And sometimes Sezzle just plain makes a mistake or needs more information. The best thing to do is to contact Sezzle customer service and ask them why you were not approved. Very often it’s a simple problem which can be easily fixed.
  5. If you are not approved based on the information you submitted the first time, feel free to submit again with a different debit card or bank account. Not being approved doesn’t count against you and sometimes your new information will get the job done.
  6. Finally, if you are approved for less than the full purchase amount, contact Launch Medical customer service and we may be able to help you complete the transaction.

You will pay 25% of your order cost upfront, the remaining balance will be spread out over your repayment schedule.

Sezzle is completely interest-free for shoppers.

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