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How The Phoenix Works

The Phoenix is an acoustic wave device which emits sound waves which have been demonstrated to have certain effects on human tissue. The benefit of acoustic wave treatments is an increase in local blood flow. When applied to the penis, acoustic waves may facilitate better, harder erections because of the increase in blood flow.


Acoustic wave therapy has been studied and shown to have benefits for a variety of conditions

It increases local blood flow both by breaking up micro-plaques which have built up in blood vessels, partially restricting blood flow, and by facilitating angiogenesis or neo-vascularization- the growth of new blood vessels.

Using The Phoenix

The Phoenix is simple and intuitive to operate. Here is a link to a video which explains and demonstrates the treatment procedure.

How Long Does It Take?

A complete treatment takes approximately 20 minutes.

Expected Outcomes.

Most patients begin seeing results right away – the day after the first treatment. This may be because the micro-plaques are being broken up and cleared out of existing blood vessels. Improvement continues throughout the treatment course, and maximum benefit is generally seen within 3 months, as neovascularization takes place.


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