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Stainless Steel Tip

The medical grade stainless steel tip ensures a hygienic treatment surface which is easily sanitized between treatments. The proprietary shape directs acoustic wave energy precisely where it is needed, at optimal penetration depth for maximum results.

Removable nosecone permits fast, easy cleaning and sanitizing

The removable nosecone makes cleaning and sanitizing a breeze. The stainless steel tip slips out of the nose cone for quick, comprehensive cleaning. Reassembly takes seconds—no tools required.

Easy to reach ergonomic controls

The Phoenix is revolutionary not simply because it produces clinic quality acoustic waves at an affordable price—it also embodies patented design features which make it safe and effective for a user with no medical training to self-treat—including controls and displays which are easy to see, reach, operate, and understand

Proprietary intuitive annunciation

Using The Phoenix is simple and intuitive. The device itself guides the user through each step of a treatment—no prior experience necessary. And over-treatment is impossible—The Phoenix enters a ‘lockout’ mode between treatments allowing for adequate healing and recuperation time.

Pre-programmed treatment control with automated time-out function

Treatment protocols are built in to The Phoenix, with intuitive guided usage features. Once a full treatment cycle is competed, The Phoenix prevents over-treatment with a mandatory lock-out period.

Industry first pacing bar graph

Yet another proprietary feature of The Phoenix is the pacing bar graph which presents simple, analog rate of travel information to the user, insuring proper placement and application of the acoustic waves.


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