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How It Works

Acoustic Wave Therapy has changed
the game for men. Here is how it all works.

Dr. Paul Thompson, Urologist

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Dr. Paul Thompson, a leading urologist, and Chief Medical Officer at Launch Medical explains how acoustic wave therapy works.


It uses sound waves.

Acoustic Wave Therapy uses sound waves to target the treatment area. No pills or needles. Just the clinically proven power of high-frequency, low-intensity sound.


Breaks apart plaque.

With targeted treatments, AWT breaks apart the old, hardened flow constricting build-up that prevents much-needed blood flow.

Stimulates new, healthy blood vessels.

In addition to removing plaque in existing blood vessels, acoustic waves traveling through your tissue stimulate angiogenesis: the body’s natural healing process. New, healthy blood vessels will form in the treatment area to further improve blood flow.


Beats other treatment options.

More than 40 clinical studies have clearly shown the efficacy of Acoustic Wave Therapy for men dealing with mild to severe ED. It fixes the root of the problem, instead of temporarily masking symptoms with expensive pills or painful injections.

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    ED is most often caused by reduced blood flow caused by hardened deposits in blood vessels.

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    ED is an unavoidable consequence of getting old and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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    Nearly all other ED treatments only mask the symptoms, rather than addressing the underlying cause.

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    Power up.

    Use the included power supply to plug-in The Phoenix. It uses power from a wall plug to create thousands of sound wave pulses.

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    Prep for self-use

    Use the included water based lubricant and numbing cream (if desired) to prepare for treatment. It’s easy—just rub it on.

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    Use The Phoenix.

    Apply gentle, but firm pressure along the shaft. The micropulses immediately get to work clearing blockages and stimulating angiogenesis.

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    Repeat once a week.

    Complete up to 3 treatments weekly. The device automatically limits how often you can perform treatments to prevent overtreatment.

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Acoustic Wave Therapy: Clinic versus Home

While the sound waves are the same, there are several key differences between in-home and in-clinic treatments. As medical professionals, we have performed thousands of AWT treatments on patients and we literally wrote the book on treatment protocols. With our patented at-home device, you get the exact same energy pulses in a safe, effective, easy to use self-treatment protocol. More importantly: The cost is significantly less than in-clinic treatments. You don’t have to take time off work, and there are no awkward conversations or getting undressed in front of strangers.

img In-Clinic AWT
  • Multiple visits (6+)
  • Expensive co-pays
  • Performance anxiety
  • Hours away from work
img At-Home AWT
  • No office visits
  • One-time cost
  • Ease and comfort
  • 20-minute treatment

Over 40 studies prove
Acoustic Wave Therapy works for men.

The Phoenix doesn’t make you feel jittery and isn’t a cheap toy. Its technology is backed by real medical research.

Dozens of medical studies show AWT treats:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Poor blood flow
  • Weak erections
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